About the Samba Man

GOAL – The goals of these programs iare to Educate, Entertain and Inspire kids, community and all types of people to “travel to a different part of the world through an interactive cultural enrichment experience” and I like to work hard to keep the information exciting, fresh, authentic and engaging.

MISSION – THE SAMBA MAN’s mission is to present audiences with an authentic Brasilian Carnival and folk arts experience. The Samba Man has sparked a community group called Samba Kids sponsored by Curtis Pierre and Casa Samba, a New Orleans based samba school. We accomplish this through weekly open rehearsals, classes and frequent school and university workshops/presentations. Additionally, we maintain a center that works to educate the New Orleans community and the Gulf South region of the rich cultural traditions of Brasil and the similarities which bridge Carnival in Brasil with Mardi Gras in New Orleans emphasizing that importance of their African tradition and influences. Curtis Pierre the founder and Director of Casa Samba the first School of Samba in the Louisiana and the Southern Region.


  Aka Mestre Curtis Pierre  
Mr. Curtis has a title that should mention before his name: Mestre meaning – Master Teacher/Cultural Guardian, in this case, we’re speaking of Brasilian culture.
This achievement cannot be obtained at any university in the world as a matter of fact Mestre Curtis has provided help or has been instrumental in providing information about Brazilian culture in New Orleans as it relationship to Carnival in New Orleans As well as how the Afro Brazilian martial art Capoeira is related to our Mardi Gras Indian culture and the second-line dancers of today.
Mestre Curtis can be classified as the only American in the United States who has reached a Master level in Brazilian cultures meaning that he is the first person in this country to be recognized as a master of Capoeira the first original African martial art to leave Africa and a master of Brazilian percussion and the first to bring Master Brasilian teachers to New Orleans in the early ’90s. This is known by only a handful of people in the United States. Mestre Curtis has dedicated his life to his African roots of culture which he found in Brazil after 37 years ago. 
Mestre Curtis has been on this dedicated path which never he never changes its tradition and commitment to presenting authentic and traditional Afro Brazilian culture to his community, the city, the state, and in this country.
  We have our very own citizens and great musicians room has a clean community supports him and the beautiful programming work that he does with community children. Mestre Curtis has been relentlessly on his Commitment for the past 30 years. He is directly involving himself with the community and the city. As a result, Mestre Curtis has piloted and started countless youth programs.
His programs for children have been fully funded directly by him and his group Casa Samba. In return. He has also published his first book on the Afro Brazilian Martial Art Capoeira. He has also been fortunate enough to teach classes in Brasil on both Samba and Capoeira.


“Roots of Music” Currently work with a New Orleans city wide after school band teaching Samba

Samba Kids at the New Orleans Recreation Department Commission N.O.R.D.C. for the past ten years.

Works with Stage to Stage
 now at the N.O.R.D.C. Ty Tracy Theatre building with Director and Founder Julie Condy, Theatre Musicals for children for the past 15 years to present

Young Audience Program
, Board Consultant  New Orleans, LA

Curtis Pierre:
The Samba Man 1988-Present
Performances and workshops in New Orleans public school system & Southern Region; reaching over 1,000,000 children in 18 plus years.

• Workshop for Ile Aye – Instructed a Workshop on Samba from Rio de Janeiro to one the most famous blocos (Samba School from Bahia Ile Aiye)2009

• Three months in Brasil culminating with earning a spot in the Bateria of Escola de Samba Salgueiro 2004 for his passionate work ethic, knowledge of Samba and its traditional instruments and recognition of his dedication to Brasilian culture.

• Starting the first Samba Summer Camp in New Orleans based entirely around Brasilian culture, CASA SAMBA Brasil CAMP 2005.

• Best Camp Summer Director of the Year 2005; Awarded by Charlene Braud, Director, New Orleans Recreation Department

63 years of Study at HKU (Hard Knocks University)
United States Navy Honorable Discharge June 1977
Hahnville High School, Hahnville, LA, Class of 1975

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