Curtis Pierre "The Samba Man"

ENTERTAIN * EDUCATE * INSPIRE  your school with New Orleans own Samba Man


Class Room Curriculum 

Arts Partners Residency
ARTIST: Curtis Pierre 


FOCUS: Social Studies 

TITLE / PROJECT / THEME:  Carnaval drums of Brazil





Art Form: 

Performing arts 


Grade Levels



Curriculum Connection

Reading/Language Arts; 

Multicultural Studies

Social Studies



*Awareness of a different culture similar to their own 

*African history in the Americas 

*The role the slave trade played any intervention of New Orleans culture 


Lesson Objectives/Goals 

*Introduce students to the various instruments played in the Carnaval in Brazil 

*Getting them to recognize the difference between instruments and their functions 

*Getting students to know the names of the instruments used in the Carnival parade in Brazil 

Pre test on samba its in 


Basic Procedure/Process 

Instruments of Carnaval and the similarities between Carnaval in New Orleans and Brasil cities, introduction and demonstration of samba instruments and their names, origins, history and their function. Test of students listening, comprehensive,  musical skills  



English and Brasil Portuguese 



Brasil Samba drums.